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Articulated analogue camera mounts

art. AMVID

Articulated analogue camera mounts have been designed for installation on wall or pole thanks to hangers, clamps and fixings.

Made in aluminium and powder painted, they are easy to clean and ensure a long lasting resistance in complete compliance with the hygiene standards required by the dental and medical sectors.


  • Material: powder painted aluminium.
  • Load capacity: 2 kg (max 5 kg).
  • Pivot: Ø 35 mm.

Standard supply

  • Powder painted aluminium mount.
  • Manfrotto head.
  • Analogue camera mounts kit cables (RCA, power).


  • Specific load capacity different to the standard 2 kg (max 5 kg).
  • Supply cables in various lengths and types.
  • Mount customized RAL colouring.


Articoli simili

Technical drawing

Articulated analogue camera mounts

art. AMVIDC40609003

installation set C (down bend pipe)

Dimensions for articulated analogue camera mounts
Articulated analogue camera mounts

art. AMVIDM72609010

installation set M (up bend pipe)

Articulated analogue camera mounts


Code Description
AMVIDArticulated analogue camera mounts
CodeInstallation set
CDown bend pipe
MUp bend pipe
2060200 mm600 mm
4060400 mm600 mm
7260720 mm600 mm
9002RAL 9002
9003RAL 9003
9010RAL 9010

How to order

Specify the requested configuration by adding the single codes. AMVIDC40609003 is the article to order an articulated arm with analogue camera mount arrangement (AMVID) - down bend pipe (C) - dimensions 400X600 mm (4060) - white 9003 RAL colour (9003).

DID Plus, a brand of Calzavara S.p.A.

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